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How to Make a Gift Ribbon Bow

Unique guest book ideas

Your wedding is a huge moment for everyone invited, not just for you and your spouse-to-be. Your friends, your family and everyone else invited will want to be there on such a big day – and this is why you will want everything to run smoothly throughout the entire wedding.

Having a guestbook people at your wedding can sign is a nice way of allowing you to leave you with a small memory of them being there for you. However, traditional guest books are not as appreciated as they used to be. Furthermore, coming up with a more original idea may attract more signatures in your wedding’s guestbook too.


Colorful crayons. The fact that this is your wedding and not a kindergarten drawing lesson should not stop you from being a bit childish. Having some fun crayons your guests can use to “doodle” and sign on your guest book is a fun way of attracting them to do this!


Photo albums. Get a photo booth and have a photo album double as a guest book too. This way, your guests will be instantly drawn towards taking photos of themselves and leaving you with a written line and with their picture as well.


Framed photo. If you don’t necessarily want your guests’ pictures in your guestbook or if you simply cannot afford renting a photo booth, you can simply get one picture with you and your spouse and frame it nicely. Leave empty space around the photo and have your guests sign there – this will make for a wonderful décor item for the new house in which you will soon be living as husband and wife!

For some great wedding supplies to help you create the décor you have always dreamed of, make sure to visit Idea Ribbon.

Unique ideas for favor boxes

Offering your guests small gifts as a sign of your appreciation is a wonderful gesture and it can really melt some hearts. Like every couple out there, you want your wedding favors to be unique and beautiful. Almost everything can make for a wonderful favor: from honey to game cards and they can all be original if you place them in some unique boxes.

For some great favor boxes ideas that will definitely impress, check out with these tips:

· Origami boxes can hold a lot of small wonders, from little key chains to fridge magnets and even candy. If you don’t have the time to make them yourself, you can buy them ready-made too. · Mason jars make for wonderful and inexpensive “boxes” for a lot of type of presents. We have seen candy, jewelry, flowers and even mini-cakes offered in such jars, so you can really be creative with them. · Tin boxes can also accommodate a lot of types of wedding favors: mints, tiny candy and so on. You can even choose to personalize tin boxes with your names, wedding date or just about anything you can imagine. · Cookies and cupcakes are usually offered in cardboard favor boxes, but they can be wrapped in cellophane as well. · If you want to add something really unique to any of the boxes and containers presented here, have them printed with your names, wedding dates or cute puns as well. Also, you can choose to personalize them yourself. Some paint, some ribbon and a bit of imagination should be enough for you to create something that is 100% original and very beautiful at the same time too.

Idea Ribbon has everything you need to personalize your wedding favor boxes. From burlap to ribbons and from unique and stylish ready-made boxes to every other type of wedding supply, we really have everything you may wish for! Photo source:

Planning Your Wedding Centerpieces

There is something irresistible about weddings. Behind the flowers and the dress though, there are hours and hours of work and devotion – both from the bride herself and from those who help her accomplish her childhood wedding dreams.

Planning your wedding can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming – but even more than that, it can feel like a long race towards the magical “happy end”. If you want your wedding to look amazing, you will have to focus on every detail – and the centerpieces will definitely be among the most important parts of the décor. Here are some ideas that may help you along the way:

· Decide on how traditional (or how non-traditional) you want to be. Your table centerpieces can be really original if you allow it or they can be very traditional too. If you choose the classic way, flowers and simple vases are the way to go. Choose flowers that will match your bridal bouquet for a “matching” effect.

· If you want to go for flowers, but do not necessarily want to be all-the-way traditional, choose unusual containers for them: wine bottles, mason jars and so on.

· Also, if you don’t want your flowers to wither and look odd by the end of the wedding, you can choose to go for satin flowers because when they are made properly, they look natural and beautiful!

· Candles can also make for very beautiful centerpieces, but you don’t necessarily have to go for the long, white candles. You can choose to make a bowl arrangement featuring flower petals and small candles as well. Just allow yourself to be creative and you will find something to fit your wedding style!

· If your wedding will take place in fall, you can choose to make pumpkin or fallen leaves your table centerpiece. Believe it or not, with a bit of imagination and style, they can turn into gorgeous decorative items that will amaze everyone invited!

Idea Ribbon can provide you with a lot of wedding supplies for your centerpieces and for everything else too. We have a huge variety of items in store so do not hesitate to pay us a visit!
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Sep 1st , 2014

2014 Fall Wedding Trends

Your wedding day is more than just important for you and if you care about trends at all, you will definitely want to make sure that your wedding falls into the current trends as well. This fall’s trends are beautiful, feminine and, at times, quite surprising – but nevertheless, they will make for a wonderful wedding. Here are some of the main ideas you will want to keep in mind when it comes to your 2014 fall wedding:


Decorate your wedding location by using deep and vibrant greens, whites (in all the shades you may like) and dusty pastels – this combination is truly beautiful and it will add liveliness and delicacy to the place’s décor for sure. Dusty white, dusty pink and bright green are among the most popular color combinations for weddings this fall, but you can go with anything along those lines.


Velvet and sequins also seem to be quite popular this fall and winter, especially when it comes to table arrangements. Layering velvet with sequins adds elegancy and beauty to a table, so you may want to take this option into consideration for your wedding too.


Wedding bouquets are merlot red this fall and they go amazingly well with ivory white wedding gowns and with cream-colored wedding gowns too!


Bridesmaids’ dresses are quite surprising this season! Say goodbye to pink and pastels because fashion runaways fell in love with deep purples and blacks this year! Your bridesmaids will definitely look very elegant and stylish in such a dress, so do not rule out the option if you want to be fashionable with your fall wedding this year.

For wedding supplies that are fashionable this season, make sure to visit Idea Ribbon. We have everything you may need for your wedding’s décor, from table runners to candle holders, so pay us a visit if you want to find something really suitable for your wedding!

Quinceañera Princess

Your Quinceañera is a once in a lifetime event – it marks the transition from girlhood to womanhood, and is probably the biggest party a woman will ever celebrate, other than her wedding day.

So why not be a princess for your Quinceañera, and indulge your childhood fantasies one last time!

The dress

Your Quinceañera dress is a big deal. Usually a long, pink gown; you decide which style and color you feel best represents your personality. For a princess-themed party, choose a sparkling dress with a long train or a ballgown with a big skirt. Pink is still a popular color, but why not take inspiration from Disney’s Frozen and choose an icy blue hue instead.

The hair

Princess hair is long hair, no question about it. If you don’t have naturally flowing locks, get some clip in hair extensions for your big day, or attach a hairpiece to the crown of your head for extra volume.

The make up

If you are going for the princess look, only the shimmeriest, glitteriest make up will do. Choose sparkly eye shadow in a metallic color, and shimmering pink lip gloss for a classic, girly look.

The entrance

How you arrive at your Quinceañera is everything. And for a princess theme, there is no better way to arrive than in a horse drawn carriage. Choose from a range of different styles of carriage, then simply step in, arrange your skirts, and relax.

The entertainment

Dance like a princess with a good DJ or live band. Take a few ballroom dancing classes before the big day, so you really look the part.

The jewelry

Keep it sparkly, diamante and OTT for a princess themed Quinceañera. And whatever you do, don’t forget your tiara.

If you’re wanting to look incredible at your Quinceanera, check out our Quinceañera Princess Set.

Using Silk flowers will not cheapen your wedding

Wedding Planner, Aug 18th, 2014

Making a choice when it comes to everything wedding-related can be a tough job for any bride-to-be (and for whoever it is that is helping her through all of this). From your shoes to your bridesmaids’ dresses and from the cake to the seating arrangement, everything seems like an endless to-do list.

And yet, even with all the stress that comes along with organizing your wedding, you know that this has been your dream ever since you saw your first Disney cartoon. Therefore, you will want everything too look, taste and feel perfect.

Some may say that using silk flowers may not be the most stylish choice there is, but the truth may actually be otherwise. Silk flowers can look stunning when they are of a high quality and they can really make for a wonderful wedding choice for a number of reasons:

· If you are organizing your wedding in summer, you will not risk seeing your flowers wither away in between the ceremony and the moment when everybody leaves the party.

· Silk flowers can look delicate and feminine – which is everything wedding decorations are about, really.

· There is absolutely nothing “cheap” about silk flowers. They can really look classy and beautiful if they are nicely done (and this means that you will have to invest a bit more on these – but that will be definitely worth it).

· Silk can look very natural when it is properly handled and your guests may not even be able to tell the difference between the natural flowers and your stunning silk ones.

For more information on silk flowers (and for some breath-taking options too), check out with what we have to offer at Idea Ribbon. We can provide you with a wide range of wedding and bridal shower supplies to make your wedding look absolutely gorgeous!
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How to Personalize your Wedding Favors

by, wedding Planner
Aug 15, 2014

Like most couples, finding a way to say thank you to your wedding guests can be a daunting task. You don't want to be generic but you want to ensure that your wedding favors are unique and truly represent who you are as a couple.

So instead of choosing the normal traditional nets and boxes, why not design your own favors? Using personalized wedding favors always leaves an impression. Nowadays, a lot of brides purchase personalized ribbon as favors. This is because they are able to choose a different selection of favor boxes and bags that they turn into wedding favors by adding personalized ribbons. Visiting online wedding accessory companies such as Idea Ribbon is a great way to find personalized favors for your wedding.

Having your names and wedding date printed on personalized ribbon boxes is a fun and "outside of the box" idea. Another thing you could do is attach a tag that has the bride and the grooms name, wedding date, venue and a short message from the couple.

Today couples say thank you with edible favors, photo album favors, picture frame wedding favors, candle wedding favors and wedding favor coasters among others. In addition, you can choose personalized ribbons and tags for your wedding party and guests. Your wedding guests will be impressed with your idea of being different.

DIY Wedding Ideas Using 2014 Wedding Trend Burlap

As one of the leading wedding burlap providers in the United States, we have seen the most beautiful DIY projects using the 2014 wedding trend, burlap and wanted to share a few example projects with you.

We found a few that are absolutely beautiful.

Burlap covered tin cans as candle holders.
Burlap napkin ring holders
Burlap wedding guest book
Burlap table cover
Burlap pew bows

These are only a few DIY ideas that you can use burlap for. What is your favorite DIY idea? Of course you can buy all of the burlap you need for your wedding at .
By Wedding Planner 8/1/2014

Creating the Centerpieces Your Guests Will Love

7/8/2014 By Wedding Planner

The centerpieces you have on your wedding reception tables will go a long way in setting the tone of your wedding. Any themes and colors you want reflected in your reception can be expressed in your centerpieces.

If you are creating your own centerpieces, you’ll want to make sure that your centerpieces are the right height. In general, you should ensure that your centerpiece doesn’t block conversation. As such, short or very tall are often the two best height options.

You will also want to decide whether or not to use flowers on your tables. They are a classic addition to wedding decor and can add a delicate scent to your reception. However, they can also be expensive and problematic for any allergy sufferers. As an alternative, you can use artificial flowers or, for a dramatic and glamorous look, a tall arrangement of ostrich feathers.

Whatever you decide to use in your wedding centerpieces, you’ll want to buy your supplies from a great supplier. We offer everything you need to create the perfect centerpieces, so check out our selection today!

Is a DIY Wedding Right for You?

Many brides are looking for ways to make their wedding more personal. They turn to DIY as a theme, or as an added extra for another theme. However, it's worth considering whether DIY is right for you.

The first thing to think about is whether you are a crafty person.
While it can be great to learn a new skill, you might not want to have this tied up with your wedding planning. You might not have the time to learn and make all the decor or favors given all the other tasks you have to complete before the big day.

You might also want to consider the costs involved. One big benefit of DIY is that you can get a fantastic wedding for much less, but the costs can mount if you also have to buy equipment like a sewing machine. If you have these, or can borrow them, you can potentially save a lot, especially when you buy supplies from a great company.

Even if you decide DIY isn't really right for you, it can be a good idea to add a personal touch to your wedding by sourcing the supplies for your decor. Even a simple touch like choosing the perfect table runner and paper lanterns can be a way you can make a mark on your wedding day.

To find out more about creating the DIY wedding of your dreams, check out our selection of wedding supplies today!

Photo: Flickr/Emily May
by weddingplanner

DIY Today.

2014 Valentine's Day Centerpiece DIY

1) White Block Vases
2) LED Lights
3) Red Rose Petals

Bridal Accessories

Bridal Wrist Corsage

DIY: Satin Fabric Table Covers

All DIY ideas are priceless. Not for Sale. :)

Idea Ribbon sells only the finest satin fabric. 100% polyester, the quality is unmatched. These 65" x 20 yd single-face satin rolls come in 22 unique colors. They are the perfect addition to weddings, banquets, recitals, or special events. By using our satin fabric rolls, you will learn to appreciate the beauty and silk-like quality that we have to offer.

The 65" x 20 yd is the splendid choice when it comes to diy table covers. The main reason why it is a popular choice is the ease of us and the amount of material you receive from us. With 20 yards, it can make up to 10 table covers or satin overlay. This is the best choice when it comes to saving money!

Our satin fabric table overlay comes out to $3.00 each! Yes, $3.00 each! How, you ask? It's easy as 1, 2, 3.

The necessary tools you need to complete this task:
1. Scissors
2. Ruler

1. Measure the length of satin fabric you wish to cut using the ruler.
2. Mark the area where you wish to cut
3. Using the scissors, cut along your guided marks to the best of your ability
4. Using our 650" x 650" long satin fabric roll, you can make up to 10 beautiful overlays for your table. The 20 yd comes out to a total of 7200" long!
5. Quick, easy, and only takes 5 minutes of your time! The best way to save money and look elegant at the same time.

Click here to see our available satin fabric rolls.

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